We are a quarter of our way through 2012 and I haven’t posted a thing since Christmas. That’s pretty par for the course. I’ve never been very good at keeping up with a blog. So now of course I will brain dump the past four months.

Things That Happened In January:

  1. I got so fed up with my job that I reworked my resume and sent it out to 7 select advertised positions
  2. I went to my very first barcholorette party and bridal party

Things That Happened in February:

  1. I woke up one morning and couldn’t move both of my shoulders
  2. I went to lots of doctors
  3. I was subjected to a dozen x-rays
  4. I laid through two MRIs
  5. Doctors diagnosed me with a herniated disc in my cervical spine and sent me to see a neurologist

Things that happened in March:

  1. The neurologist conducted a nerve test on me in which he electrocuted my arms and then stuck me with needles (fun times were had)
  2. The neurologist said my lack of shoulder movement was probably from depression
  3. I went to see a general practitioner. He ordered bloodwork.
  4. The bloodwork came back with the result of me have an incredibly high rhematoid factor.
  5. At this point my shoulders decide daily which one wants to work, both my elbows think its a good idea to join the pain party, as well as my knees and feet
  6. I go on a job interview
  7. I get a job offer
  8. I accept said job offer

Things That Happened in April:

  1. I start my new job and soldier though pretending that I’m totally not in pain every day.
  2. I take lots and lots of naproxen.
  3. At most I get about 2-3 hours of uninterrupted drugged sleep per night.
  4. I become a total cranky pants (read: nasty bitch)
  5. My poor husband has to put up with me hobbling around the house and basically being a bitchface all of the time
  6. I start to really dislike my life
  7. More blood work
  8. Results come back, on my 31st birthday that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  9. I see a Rheumatologist.
  10. I’m put on meds – one of which is a lower dose of what chemo patients are given
  11. I feel sorry for myself. I let this go on for two days
  12. I have my very own pity party all by my lonesome
  13. I cancel most of my birthday plans
  14. I decide that feeling sorry for myself makes me feel like a weak son of a bitch
  15. I start working on a life change plan

So, that pretty much brings us up to date. Lots of different doctors who all had different diagnoses. It took them four months to figure out that I have RA. The first thing I thought when the doc said RA was — “WTF? An old persons disease?!”, but after some research I learned that it’s pretty common for women between 30-60 (way for me to make that cut-off, eh?).

I think the best thing that has come out of this debacle (besides finally knowing why my body hates me) is fully realizing how amazing the people in my life are — my friends have been incredibly supportive, my husband is one of the most patient men of the face of this planet and my family will do just about anything for me. I’m not certain how I got to be so lucky.